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Welcome to the website of "Unilans"

Выставочные стендыThe company "Unilans" is developing a variety of direction and style of exhibition stands. We believe their main goal - to produce stands that will be suitable for any budget. In our work we try to use a variety of materials, we offer you new ideas are constantly in search of new forms and embody all the wildest creative ideas. The requirements of the customer to the concept, the parameters of functionality, stylistic orientation, as well as the price of the stand, always stand with us in the first place.

All exhibition stands can be divided into exclusive exhibition stands (which is used to create metal, plastic and wood), mobile pop-up booths for trade shows, custom exhibition stands, different standard materials, but non-standard design, as well as exhibition stands, which combine wood construction and a default constructor.

Here you can book booths, constructed both abroad and in Russia. At home often have to build exhibition stands, Moscow and other cities are the most common: Sokolniki Dvor, CHA, Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre, World Trade Center, Olympic Stadium, Fairgrounds. We also build exhibition stands outside of Russia, no matter in what country and what the site, it all depends on the willingness and capacity of the customer (this can be any public events, including exhibitions).

We cooperate with many large Russian and foreign companies, which include Lukoil, Rosneft, Sberbank of Russia, Shell, 3M, Gazprom.

Projects exhibition stands, manufactured by our company, not once were awarded prizes in various design competitions, for excellent quality of the stand, as nothing else it emphasizes its original design.

His main task, we believe the work done by the "A" to "Z", starting with the development of ideas and concepts for future exhibition design, finishing with the final result. We guarantee quality control and performance of a task at all stages.

However, we always strive to keep pace with the times and are not limited to simply producing the stand. Instead, we offer solutions to the unusual design of exhibition stands, for example, elements of decoration, handicraft production, with growth figures, flowers, etc. Two-storey stands are also very popular in recent years, the establishment of which our company is also engaged.

We offer our clients not only disposable exhibition design, as well as reusable, designed for long service. Such designs are called mobile because they are very easy to understand, packed and shipped as needed. It is best suited such a stand, for the exhibition which takes place in another city.

Manufactured mobile exhibition stands of umbrella frame and removable signage, and you can constantly change the image on the media. Such equipment can easily sustain dozens of exhibitions, after which it will be necessary to update the frame. The main advantage of such systems - is mobile, they are not designed for large loads. With the help of these stands can easily be emphasize the concept of the main project, which is located at the exhibition, or use them for smaller regional shows.

Our main elements - this exhibition, our main occupation - the construction of exhibition stands! We are more than a year creating beautiful and functional exhibition stands, and this is our main pride!